The Delts of Zeta Rho Chapter, in memoraim of Todd R. Watson ( Mu Pledge Class 90'), hold an annual scholarship in his honor. The Todd R. Watson  Memorial Scholarship Foundation award their scholarship to an undergraduate scholastic member of the  Zeta Rho Chapter, that demonstrates the values of being a Delt both in school and society.

Here is a link to the Todd R. Watson Memorial Scholarship Foundation's webpage:

Member List

Aaron Miller

Adam Welch

Adam Rotsch

Adam Rappaport

Alec Riss

Alejandro Flores

Alex Anderson

Alex Woods

Alexander Bola

Andrew Zalon

Andrew Coy

Andrew Zivat

Andy Schaefer

Anthony Chiuso

Anthony Collins

Anthony Wielt

Anthony Bartolotte

Arturo Plaza

Barry Ulrich

Benjamin Board

Connect With Us!

We would like to keep all of you updated on upcoming alumni events hosted by the undergraduate members of the Zeta Rho Chapter. Feel free to contact any of us, and for a direct connection contact our Alumni Chairmen.

Alumni Chairmen-- Kyle Samas (630) 812-8838